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Enterprise Tier

This package is the most versatile solution suitable for the most demanding requirements.
Low latency, high throughput endpoints with 100% Alogd+Indexer API coverage + performance patches.

This package is augmented with FTL 1.0 block proxy™ . Latest block appears on the hosted indexer endpoint sooner then on any vanilla local/on-prem indexer.

Technical details

The service consists of (per region)

  • 1 full archival node
  • 3 “caching” catchup nodes
  • 1 full indexers
  • 3 light indexers
  • 3 dedicated active-active L7 nginx balancers
  • a dedicated failover L3 balancer

Included in the package

  • 2h of R&D monthly
  • Custom DNS for endpoints
  • Custom security (Tokens, JWTs, …)
  • Hierarchical request limits
  • Realtime monitoring dashboard


  • 99.95% service availability (SLA)
  • 10x reimbursement for each minute below SLA
  • Zero downtime upgrades (no maintenance windows)
  • No per request quotas / surcharges
  • No vendor lock-in, setup replication
  • Proper European invoicing
  • Zero commitment (you can stop mid month)


  • 1024 USD monthly per region
  • minimum 2 regions required for SLA