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0 ALGO/forever
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FREE Archival Node/Indexer public API
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Up to 1000 req/s per project
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 6MM or 150GB req/mo
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 60 req/s per IP
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg No keys needed
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg IPFS GW included
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 99.95% SLO
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Node, Indexer/Explorer, archival
256 USD/monthly
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Unlimited Full API + SLA @ 25 locations
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 6000 req/s per key / site
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Unlimited queries on shared infra
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 500 req/s per IP
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Exclusive fastlane relay access
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Streaming, GraphQL, Accounting API
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 99.995% SLA with x1 reimburement
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Node, Indexer/Explorer archival
1024 USD/monthly per region
price img
Enterprise Dedicated infra NA/EMEA/APAC/LATAM
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Vanity/own domains
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 180 day log analytics
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Unlimited egress
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 2h R&D support/mo
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Custom config & indexes
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 99.95% SLA for 3 region, x10 reimbursement
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Bare metal power
1024 USD/monthly
price img
SQL Direct Dedicated Indexer DB (US or EU)
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Direct optimized PostgreSQL
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Algorand extension
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg NFT metadata inv. index
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Realtime data
2048 USD/monthly
price img
Analytics DB Shared Clickhouse + Self Service BI
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg SuperSet BI
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg HTTP Analytics API
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Time travel to any block height
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Billion rows/s
8192 USD/monthly per network
price img
App Chain Dedicated Hybrid Algorand network
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Hosted / Hybrid / Managed
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Public / Community / Private
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Dedicated SecOps team
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Realtime monitoring
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Feature Unlimited Enterprise Free
Documentation See more   Buy See more Quick start
Price$256 fixed$1024 per regionFree
Billing (USD wire, USDCa, Stripe)Prepaid CC or Net15Net30-
Algorand exclusive team
Archival Node/Indexer API
IPFS GatewayAll chains/CIDsAll chains/CIDsAlgorand mainnet
WS/GQL/Analytics API-
Vanity endpoints--
Tokens/domain whitelist10-
Req per project6000/s3K/s per region1000/s
Transactions per project6000/s3K/s50/s
Req per IP500/s900/s60/s
Transactions per IP500/s900/s18/s
Monthly quota per project2TBunlimited150GB
Daily quota-unlimited5GB
Concurrent requests per IP100unlimited10
Fastlane relay access-
Cloudflare enterprise traffic boost-
API Latency<25ms<100ms150ms
Indexer parametersall enabled, 10k resourcescustomer def.all enabled, 10k resources
Patcheson schedulecustom scheduleexperimental
HA Regions252 or 315
SLO99.995%, 4hrs response99.95% with 3 regions99.95%
SLA1x reimbursement10x reimbursement-
R&D support1hr/mo2hrs/mobest effort
Documentation See more   Buy See more Quick start
Feature Unlimited Enterprise Free

Special packages

SQL Direct

Direct SQL access to high performance, distributed PostgreSQL.

This custom plan delivers dedicated, highly optimized PostgreSQL database with Algorand indexer schema .

Use cases

  • long running analytic queries
  • custom APIs
  • data scrapping, AML
  • custom chain explorer

Extras vs vanilla Indexer schema

  • Custom Algorand PGSQL extension with binary encoding/decoding
  • NFT Metadata inverted index, updated in realtime with data from IPFS.
  • Highly tuned schema (table partitioning, extra indexes)
  • Highly available FTL indexing without follower nodes (100ms block indexing latency)

Instance specs

Each region consists of dedicated SQL server with:

  • 32 vCPU, 128GB RAM
  • 8TB of Gen 4 NVMe storage
  • NVRAM accelerated tempDB

Vendor lock-in statement

This service uses open souce components available at our Github

  • conduit-cockroachdb SQL schema
  • conduit-plugin-export-blksrv
  • conduit-cockroachdb importer plugins
  • blocksrv

We suggest starting with Light Indexer - a self contained docker-compose service that boots up fully synced indexer on a 40GB SSD in under 30 minutes.


Highly Available configurations are available when subscribing to more than one region or two instances in one region.

Goto SQL documentation

Data wharehouse

Direct HTTP API/SQL access to distributed ClickHouse mainnet hybrid OLAP/OLTP.

Technical details

Shared analytics cluster with:
  1. 1B+ rows / sec performance
  2. custom highly normalized schema
  3. SuperSet self service BI analytics (charts/dashboards, SQL lab)

App Chain

Dedicated Algorand based chain

Technical details

Dedicated Algorand chain with:
  1. Hosted / Hybrid / Managed nodes - let your clients participate
  2. Public / Community / Private - choose how your chain is visible
  3. Dedicated SecOPS team - let us keep it up and secure with 100% SLA
  4. Public/private API
  5. Public/private Explorer