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BY Urtho / ON Nov 15, 2022

Want to see you dApp API usage ?

Everyone can access AlgoNode’s free API monitoring by following the link:
Graylog Web Interface

If the dashboard seems broken then just “logout” from the guest account. You will be logged in as guest automatically.

How filter for my dApp only ?

The easy way

Find you app in the lower right corner of the main dashboard and click “Add to query”.

You can also search for your dApp here

The manual way

Add filter for your URL - next to the green funnel:


You can adjust the time range or add your own widget or statistics.

What is being monitored ?

All HTTP API requests to are stored for 30 days and aggregated on the dashboard. Each requests has the following fields that can be used for filtering or aggregation.

refrefer headerYour dApp url
apienum: idx|node|extraAPI type (indexer/node/extra)
cstringOriginating country ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
codestringHTTP result code (200, 204, 404, 429, 500,..)
durnumericRequest time in seconds
endpstringMain endpoint (blocks/assets/….)
netenum: testnet|mainnet|betanetAlgorand network
gcitystringOriginating city
glocstringOrigin geo location
hoststringHost part of the request URI
ipstringMurmur 3 128bit hash of (IP address+LONGSALT)
mstringHTTP method (GET/POST/OPTIONS)
messagestringPATH and ARGS part of the request URI