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Globally distributed node and indexer infrastructure

Experience the perfect blend of innovation and security with Nodely. Designed to facilitate seamless integration and reliable API access to Algorand's AVM compatible public and hybrid networks.

Our service areas
You focus on what you do best - delivering value. Our team operates a globally distributed, low latency, no cost Algorand API service that allows you to do just that.
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Free Cloud RPC Start with our hosted free API, migrate to own setup or commercial offerings once your project becomes profitable.
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Setup tuning Providing low latency and high availability can be costly. Let’s use our experience with running APIs at scale to optimize your own setup.
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24/7 Support Just DM us on Telegram or Discord. Projects that are not profitable yet get support for free. Commercial projects pay only once they are happy.
Achieving excellence

Some of our numbers

115M+ API requested daily
75+ Indexers
20+ Geo locations
25+ Customers
5+ AVM Chains
15+ Github OSS repos
Unique value proposition

Why Nodely?

No vendor lock-in Our core service is based on vanilla OSS node and indexer APIs so that you can switch to your own whenever ready.

Streaming add-ons use projects that are open-sourced on our github.
Low latency Bare-metal setup speeds things up by order of magnitude.
No outage We deliver 5 bars - always. Check out every past request for yourself.
Simple, fixed pricing models
Choose your package
0 ALGO/forever
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FREE Archival Node/Indexer public API
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Up to 1000 req/s per project
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 6MM or 150GB req/mo
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 60 req/s per IP
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg No keys needed
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg IPFS GW included
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 99.95% SLO
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Node, Indexer/Explorer, archival
256 USD/monthly
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Unlimited Full API + SLA @ 25 locations
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 6000 req/s per key / site
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Unlimited queries on shared infra
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 500 req/s per IP
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Exclusive fastlane relay access
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Streaming, GraphQL, Accounting API
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 99.995% SLA with x1 reimburement
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Node, Indexer/Explorer archival
1024 USD/monthly per region
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Enterprise Dedicated infra NA/EMEA/APAC/LATAM
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Vanity/own domains
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 180 day log analytics
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Unlimited egress
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 2h R&D support/mo
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Custom config & indexes
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg 99.95% SLA for 3 region, x10 reimbursement
/_astro/check-icon.DUUgTUzP.svg Bare metal power
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Our infrastructure is designed to provide cost-efficient packages to answer all developers’ needs.
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