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Fair usage policy


  • Node & Indexer APIs are FREE!
  • No tokens, no setup, no surprises
  • Free tier provides vanilla flavor API only - so you can easily migrate to your own
  • Please mention using Nodely on your project site when doing > 1M requests monthly
  • Both front-end & back-end traffic is subject to daily quota restrictions.
  • IPFS gateway traffic is counted towards daily quota along with all other APIs

Free tier limits

Please observe the following limits. Nodely reserves the right to start rejecting requests once daily quota is exceeded.
Projects can can check the dashboard to see the quota status.

Per project / site

  • Up to 6 000 000 (6MM) requests per month (200K daily)
  • 1000 requests/s per site across all free tier regions
  • 150 GB worth of responses per month (5GB per day)

Per individual user / browser (ext. IP address)

  • 60 requests/s , 10 concurrent calls
  • 18 transaction POSTs per second
  • 5GB worth of responses per day

Exceeding limits

Realtime requests

For requests that exceed per second or concurrency limits the API will return HTTP 429 code. Please use exponential backoff after receiving 429 response.

Daily quotas

API origins synchronize quota usage every 60 seconds. You can expect :

HTTP resultwhen
429you exceeded number of requests/s
429you exceeded number of requests in flight
403you exceeded daily byte or request quota