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SQL Direct access

Quick Start

psql -U USERNAME -h -p YYYY ledgerdb

Vs vanilla Indexer

Algorand provides open source Indexer that anyone can run.
Maintaining it might be a (costly) challenge - see current SSD requirement here

If you are interested in running the indexer yourself consider starting with a self contained light version.

Schema diffs

  • Table public.txn is a partitioned table
  • Table public.txn has extra indexes
  • Table public.asset has extra indexes




  • Not compatible with PGAdmin
  • SQL statements are limited in execution time
  • Not suitable as a SQL backend for Algorand-Indexer
  • No ARC72 support


Each dedicated database instance is powered with a highly customized ETL process.

  • Blocks are loaded from multiple sources at the same time.
  • Hardware is tuned to favor write workloads.

This results in:

  • More reliable block delivery (no SPoF)
  • Shorter avg time to new block by 150ms
  • Faster indexing

Parallel ETL process enriches the dataset with real-time NFT metadata sourced from recursive IPFS fetches.