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Public goods projects

Hey xGov grant recipients, public good projects - check if you qualify for a free Unlimited tier offering
- basically an all you can eat package.


  • Free full Unlimited tier (256USD/mo value)
  • Free EU or US 2vCPU/4GB RAM/40GB Nodely cloud offering - based on Coolify
  • Free project promotion on Nodely site


Subject to individual assessment you are good if your project :

  • Is deployed at least on Algorand mainnet or only on Algorand testnet
  • Is open-source
  • Is permissionless (no KYC/gating)
  • Has no tokenomics / tokens


> What if we are not open-source yet?

Call us either way.

> What is Coolify ?

It’s like Netlify but open-source with free auto SSL.
You can deploy any app using Dockerfile, docker-compose or Nixpacks.

Nodely is one of the sponsors of the Coolify project.