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BY Urtho / ON Mar 15, 2022

You can now see what we see

Our customers enjoy access to a cool API monitoring system - but wait - this has value for dev teams as well - so let’s open it to every dev team there is 🥰

Announcing open access to our free endpoints monitoring :

How to access API monitoring

Everyone can access AlgoNode’s free API monitoring by following the link:
Graylog Web Interface

If the dashboard seems broken then just “logout” from the guest account. You will be logged in as guest automatically.

What is being monitored ?

All HTTP API requests to are stored for 90 days and aggregated on the dashboard. Each requests has the following fields that can be used for filtering or aggregation.

apienum: idx|node|extraAPI type (indexer/node/extra)
cstringOriginating country ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
codestringHTTP result code (200, 204, 404, 429, 500,..)
durnumericRequest time in seconds
endpstringMain endpoint (blocks/assets/….)
gcitystringOriginating city
glocstringOrigin geo location
hoststringHost part of the request URI
ipstringMurmur 3 128bit hash of (IP address+LONGSALT)
mstringHTTP method (GET/POST/OPTIONS)
messagestringPATH and ARGS part of the request URI
netenum: testnet|mainnet|betanetAlgorand network
How to search for my requests ?
By discovering your hash
By Monitoring token

Only on special request (free but still a request)